History Origins of the Lighthouse Pub

The China Gate Cafe at the close of Expo 86

The China Gate Cafe at the close of Expo 86

The Lighthouse Pub origins come from the worlds fair held in Vancouver called Expo 86. The building was formerly the China Gate Restaurant during the exposition and was purchased by Sechelt developer Len Van Egmond on a rainy day in November day in 1986 during the auction of buildings after the closing of the fair. It is one a very few restaurant buildings still in use from the worlds fair.

The “Lighthouse” motif that stands on top of the building(s) were actually part of the Space themed McDonalds. Len Van Egmond saw the spaceship and thought that could be made into a lighthouse with some modification. The smaller tenants building on the right hand side is from a China Gate Restaurant Gift shop.

History of Changes

Pilling when into the ground in June of 1987 and the building was disassembled and trucked to Sechelt in November of 1987 and moved piece by piece via the Langdale Ferry. The structure was rebuilt on top of the pilings and reopened in June of 1988 as the Lighthouse Pub. The complex included: The pub, rental space for tenants, onsite liquor store, marine moorage, float plane mooring, washrooms, showers, and coin laundry services.

Picture of The Lighthouse Pub post and beam structure reconstructed after the piling were put in.

The Lighthouse Pub post and beam structure reconstructed after the piling were put in.

A restaurant section was added directly underneath the lighthouse structure and was opened in December of 1994. This was originally separate from the pub with it’s own patio.

The complex went through major renovations in 2006 creating a tiered patio and large doors that could open the entire face of the pub to unobstructed panoramic views of the Porpoise Bay and Sechelt Inlet. The liquor store was also moved off site to it’s current location at 5580 Wharf Avenue in downtown Sechelt.  The Marina was also reconfigured allow for both day use and long term moorage along with  boat gas.

The restaurant portion went through renovations in 2010 and the wall came down between the pub and restaurant and connecting both patios together along with a separate area where family can dine and still enjoy our great menu.


Lighthouse Pub Under Construction on it's current location

Lighthouse Pub Under Construction on it’s current location

Len Van Egmond passed away in 1993. But looking back  Len’s wife Nadina Van Egmond suggest Len had a vision for what the Pub has now become:

“A gateway to Sechelt” ~ Nadia Van Egmond

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